Don't stop Irit! Talking to you a few weeks back was the BEST hour and a half I have spent in years! Someone who understands and is so encouraging! My husband says, That's what I've been telling you for years! Why do you listen to Irit and not me??? It is hard to listen to the one you love in these areas, since you think they are "love blind" and not being truthful because you think they don't want to hurt you. But your encouragement has started my path to freedom.

I am starting to talk to other women, women who also despise themselves, habitual dieters who think they would be happy if they could just be skinny. You have helped me immeasurably.

- Rebecca

Irit, your page challenges and inspires me every day. It has helped me carve out tiny things to think about and to rejoice and feel good about the little changes that are helping me gain confidence and progress. Thank you.
— Kelly Z


I want to introduce myself and let everyone know that I had a breakthrough last week working with Irit. It was so impactful that I've started real shifts in the attention I give to my emotional eating. The connections made I really didn't and couldn't see on my own. I cried. And I hate crying. And I'm learning more about that too. My weight has an emotion and a story. It goes deep. I know I'm beautiful and sexy. But I am scared that one day my health is only going to be worse. I want to know how to be healthy and nourished at a deep level. I'm going to listen to my intuition and learn more about this part of myself I've ignored for so long. I'm really happy to get support here. No diet has worked. No personal trainers or shakes have worked. No blogs, magazines, pills or gym memberships have worked. No meal plans work.


I've lost 4lbs in the last 10 days using an alternative way of thinking with Irit's help and a couple other amazing women too. I feel that we don't have to follow a blueprint and I know my body and spirit want to do their own thing. I'm going to find out what the hell that "thing" is.  


when you feel better you do better.
-words of wisdom by one of my favorite superheroes Irit Goldman-


Last night I realized having the energy of being attractive, and feeling sexy and loving your body as it is RIGHT NOW is way better than actually having that “perfect” body we all tell ourselves we need to have in order to feel those things. Because even if we hit that ideal body we think we need in order to feel those ways - but we don’t still have that energy, does it even really count?

No, it’s just way more fun to skip getting our physical body there but just feel that way, and then we’ve basically taken a short cut to the end goal. . I know it’s easier said than done- but that’s what Irit Golansky Goldman is for, to coach us how to get there! I suggest doing it as quick as possible, because it’s effing awesome!!!!!!!!

My husband told me last weekend (when something in me finally switched) that he feels like it’s being back in college dating me again.

He’s all about me these days. Last night he told me I was sexy, and I haven’t heard that in ages.

And P.S. very little physical weight has fallen off me over the past few months- maybe 12? And according to science I should have 50 lbs to lose to be considered “sexy” but, I said “honey, I’m sexy Now!”

And guess what! Yes I am!

And so are ALL of YOU!!!!

- Melissa B

I can not express how much I have grown as a person and learned about myself working with Irit. I have learned how to not only feel my feelings, but also process them in a healthier way.

She truly loves her clients and it shows. I feel like I can tell her anything and will never be judged. Her kind heart and love for what she does shines through in all of our sessions.

Irit doesn't limit our sessions based on time and gives her full attention to me at every session. She is affordable and well worth every penny. I highly recommend working with Irit.

-Amy M