Ongoing Support


You Deserve To Wake Up To An Exciting Life

The journey to creating a fulfilling life starts with a spiritual mind-body connection. With ongoing support coaching, we will dive into four topics that create the foundation of happiness.

  1. Intuitive Eating - Transform your relationship with food and learn what your body needs and craves. End binge, emotional, and mindless eating cycles and most importantly learn to trust yourself with food

  2. Self-love - breakup with self-sabotage, build confidence, build your confidence and happiness from within

  3. Loving your body - let go of guilt and feel comfortable in your own skin. Realize and accept your true beauty without dieting or losing weight. Feel sexy every time you walk into a room.

  4. Life Integration - Overcome life transitions that are stressful, so you don't revert back to old thinking.


The Journey Begins



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How It Works:

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  2. I will follow up on email to schedule a 30 minute complimentary call to discuss the plan for the four sessions.

  3. We’ll schedule the sessions in advanced

  4. Included in the coaching will be homework, integration with emotional release tapping and whatever you need to move forward.


Irit, you challenges and inspire me every day. It has helped me carve out tiny things to think about and to rejoice and feel good about the little changes that are helping me gain confidence and progress. Thank you
— Kelly Z